Recommended Resources

The following books I highly recommend reading if you are interested in exploring the relationship between science and religion, history and philosophy:

Mapping the Origins Debate, by Gerald Rau (2012) [neutral perspective]: I’m placing this book first on the list because I believe it is the first book anyone should read on the subject of origins, or science in general. Rau explores the six main origins models in science today and, from an unbiased and neutral perspective, exposes their underlying assumptions, strengths, and weaknesses. In my opinion, it is the first book anyone should read on the subject of origins because it’ll help you navigate the different perspectives.

mapping the origins debate

1,001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About the Bible, by J. Stephen Lang (1999) [mostly neutral perspective, some Christian afterthoughts are given]: This book is basically Bible trivia but I was surprised at how enlightening it was. So many things in the Bible, or related to the Bible, we gloss over that are actually very interesting. There is a lot of history provided in this book.

1,001 things Bible

Explore Evolution,Ā by Stephen C. Meyer, Paul A. Nelson, Jonathan Moneymaker, Scott MinnichĀ  (2013) [Neutral Perspective]. This is an excellent book that provides a side by side explanation of evidence for and against Neo-Darwinian Evolution. Very well produced and reads like a textbook.


Bio-Engagement; Making a Christian Difference through Bioethics Today, ed. by N. M. Cameron, S.E. Daniels, and B. J. White (2000) [Christian perspective]: This book is a collection of essays written by prominent leaders in fields related to bio-ethhics that are Christian. Together the contributors provide arguments to show the relevance and value of the Christian worldview, and how it should or should not be presented to others regarding hot topics such as abortion, sex education, euthanasia, media, etc.

bio ethics christian

The Creator and the Cosmos, by Hugh Ross (1994) [OEC Perspective]: This book is by now somewhat dated as it comes to scientific evidence, but it is still very valuable on a number of fronts in arguing for evidence of Creation from astronomy, cosmology and physics. Many of the arguments are still very valid. I believe Ross has since released an updated edition, but I have not read it.

creator cosmos ross

Dismantling the Big Bang, by Alex Williams and John Hartnett (2005) [YEC Perspective]: This book looks to disprove the Big Bang theory, however I believe that it is, at best, merely an intro into skepticism of the Big Bang theory. That is, it does not convincingly disprove the Big Bang theory, only provide a foundation for some skepticism of it. I found this book to have more value in philosophical perspectives on cosmology, taking difficult concepts in cosmology and explaining them in laymen terms, and providing some great history behind astronomy and cosmology.

dismantling the big bang

Earth’s Catastrophic Past, by Andrew Snelling (2009) [YEC Perspective]: Very in depth and technical two volume set on geology from a YEC perspective. The first volume dismantles many theories about Noah’s Ark and the global flood that are logically inconsistent or contradict scripture. Then the book goes on to explore the current modern day synthesis of geology. The second volume then applies the modern synthesis of geology and flood geology to the evidence to provide a satisfactory model for flood geology.

earth's catastrophic past

The News Answers Book (1,2 & 3), ed. Ken Ham (2006-2010) [YEC Perspective]: A three book series that covers numerous Q&A topics that Christians generally ask about history, science, and the Bible. Each books contains sections written by some of leading voices in the creationist movement. These books are great starting point for understanding the creationist perspective.

answers books

Philosophy of Religion, An Introduction, by William L. Rowe, (2007) [Neutral Prospective]: This book is an excellent introduction to the biggest philosophical questions about God and theology. Covering topics like the problem of evil, miracles and proofs of God’s existence, this book introduces the reader to the various perspectives in philosophy.


Philosophy of Religion, An Anthology, by Louis Pojman and Michael Rea (2012) [Neutral Perspective]: If you want more than an introduction into the competing philosophical arguments about God and religion, this book provides essays and articles written by various philosophers on both sides of the table to give the reader an in depth understanding of each point of view.

philosophy religion

Conspiracies of the Cross, by Timothy Paul Jones (2012) [Christian perspective]: This books is a great read for anyone struggling with the many conspiracies leveled against the Gospels. Whether it is the Davinci Code, errors made in copying scripture, or conspiracies of corrupt early church leaders, Jones does a marvelous job in pointing out the flaws in the conspiracies and will leave you more confident in the authenticity of scripture.

cross paul jones conspiracy

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi stumbled across your blog while searching starry sky images! Would love updates- I am (always) in need of Christian encouragement, and I enjoyed the thoughtfulness of what I have read so far- Thanks! -R

  2. Laws says:

    Keep up the good work! Enjoying the articles!

  3. BONG-hits-FOR-JEBUS says:


    • matthew2262 says:

      I am not even really sure what you’re trying to say. So I should jump off a bridge, then die, not sure by what means I would die, unless the death came from the jump off the bridge, then I come back,… not sure how I would come back from dying… and then tell you it is real. What “it” is it that I am proving is real? I’m not even certain what belief that would be challenging because I don’t recall ever writing that I believed I could die and them come back from the dead. I would love to answer any questions you have if you could just explain to me what you’re really asking or challenging.

  4. Hi Matthew, I am an amateur philosopher an would be very interested in speaking with you on a concept I came up with years ago to discover any holes in it. I believe it to philosophically prove the existence of a higher being without the use of the Bible enabling people to eventually see the truth.

  5. Ren says:

    This website is just what I have been looking for. So helpful for a Christian with an interest in science. You look at the issues very logically. Thank you.

    Here is another good website I have been looking at.

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