The Lost Squadron

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Did you know?, geology related
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In 1942 a flight of P-38 Lighting Fighter Planes and B-17 Flying Fortress Bombers were forced to crash land in Greenland due to a terrible blizzard. When the pilots were rescued days later, their planes were never recovered and subsequently covered with snow and ice. They were from that point on known as the lost squadron.

In 1980’s plans were made to locate and restore the old planes. It was assumed by the recovery team that since the planes had only been sitting there for only 40 plus years there wouldn’t be much snow or ice on top of them. This is of course a logical thought process when one considers how often we are indoctrinated with a long ages mentality. If it takes thousands or millions of years for geological and ice formations to occur, then planes left out in the elements for 40 or so years will only be a few feet under the snow right?

In the 1990’s the planes were located… under 75 meters (250 feet) of ice! It turns out the ice buildup in Greenland isn’t as slow and gradual as most people think! Greenland’s ice sheet is on average 300 meters thick. So if a plane was covered in 75 meters of ice in just 50 years or so, then it’s not hard to postulate these ice sheets forming a few thousand years and not hundreds of thousands of years.

One of the P-38's; entombed under 250 feet of ice.

Creation Ministries has posted a more in depth article on this event, which can be found here:


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