There is a fish on your bumper…

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Did you know?, History Related
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So I have to admit that I’ve never really known why Christians used the symbol of the fish, or Ichthus as it is called. I’m sure you’ve seen the fish symbol on the back of more cars than you can count yourself. But why a fish?

At first I assumed it was because Jesus conducted his ministry in fishing communities around the Sea of Galilee, where fish was a staple source of food. He’d always go out with His disciples out in their boat and fish, with the occasional walking on water. He even conducted a miracle where he fed thousands with just a few fish. So that’s why I thought Christians used the symbol of the fish… WRONG.

Than I was told by a friend that in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd centuries, when Christians were being heavily persecuted, they’d use the symbol of the fish to communicate to others that they were a Christian. A Christian would draw half the fish in the sand or dirt, and if the other person reciprocated and completed the image of the fish, then it was known that the other person was a Christian and could be trusted. Though this is true, it still doesn’t answer the question… why the fish?

Well as said before, the fish is called Ichthus, which is actually the Greek word for “fish.”  Ichthus was selected as the offbeat way to identify Christians because it is actually an acronym, meaning; Iesous Christos THeous Uios Soter. Which translated to English means, “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior.” So the fish is actually a Greek acronym for Jesus Christ. The Ichthus symbol has been found in vast numbers by archaeologists on seals, alters, tombs, and rings, etc. for the original Greek Christians. So next time you see the fish, or Ichthus, you now know what it means!


Now if you see a fish symbol with two legs and the word “Darwin” in the middle. That means that person is an evolutionist mocking Christians, or a Christian that believes in Darwinian Evolution… which is a contradictory statement to say the least… and that person ought to be fish-slapped… but as a Christian, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. They probably just need to start going to a different church… one that actually has a backbone.


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