What is an Epistle?

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Bible Related, Did you know?
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Have you ever heard of Paul’s letters from the New Testament referred to as epistles? An epistle is actually like a letter. But unlike a letter which is meant to be sent to and read by another individual, an epistle is written for a large audience, and is to be read by and circulated by a large number of recipients.[1] Though Paul does often speak to particular individuals in certain epistles they are mostly addressed to a larger audience.

So when someone refers to Paul’s letter to the Romans, you can now arrogantly inform them Paul wrote an epistle, not a letter. Just kidding 🙂

[1] J. Stephen Lang, 1001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About the Bible.  (New York:NY Barnes & Noble, Inc. 2010) Pg 457.

  1. MisterFamous@blueyonder.co.uk says:

    To make this work EVEN more professional, maybe use some more examples and a tad more information, so people don’t even have to ask you another question. Please take this info seriously because you could do great with writing!!! GOOD LUCK and I am a professional writer so I know this sort of stuff, but yes (as i was saying) keep it up!! =)

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