Hotel Room Bibles

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Bible Related, Did you know?, History Related
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We’ve all seen them at one time or another. The Gideon hotel room bible! The Gideons have been distributing and donating bibles to hotels, prisons, schools[1] and soldiers since 1899. It was founded by John Nicholson, W.J. Knight and Samuel Hill who named themselves after the Israelite leader Gideon. Gideon can be found in Judges 6 through 8, where he leads a small band of Israelite soldiers to battle and defeat the Midianites. In case you’ve ever wondered what the small jug on the Gideons logo meant, it comes from Judges 7: 19-24 when Gideon and his men took clay jars and jugs into a Midianite camps during the night, and all at once began to shatter them and blow trumpet horns. The Midianites woke up in such a panic that they fled and some turned on each other in all the confusion.

So next time you see a Gideon Bible, you’ll have some random factoid under your belt to unleash on any poor person near you!

[1] Since the “separation of church and state” the Gideons are no longer allowed to provide Bibles to public schools.


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