Change of Heart: Abortion

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Did you know?, Social Concerns
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When it comes to any abortion case, the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade in 73’ which concluded with the legalization of abortion, always comes to mind. Though the outcome of this case is still hotly debated to this day, there is a factor in this case most people don’t know about . Jane Roe (who’s real name is Norma McCorvey) changed her mind in 1995. After years of being one of the most staunchest pro-abortion advocates she is now a born again Christian and is very pro-life. In fact she left her job at a Dallas abortion clinic and now works for a pro-life group called Operation Rescue. She even tried desperately, but unsuccessfully, to reopen the famous 1973 case. This provides yet another amazing example of God’s triumph over evil by changing the heart of man, and is a crushing blow to the pro-abortion cause.


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