Apollonius of Tyrana

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Arguments, Conspiracy Theories, History Related
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Apollonius of Tyana:

Apollonius was a man who performed miracles, had disciples and resurrected from the dead. He is often mentioned by skeptics, some even believing that the story of Christ is a spin off of the story of Apollonius. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are the facts:

  • The story of Jesus was recorded by multiple men from the eyewitness accounts of numerous people. The story of Apollonius was recorded by one man, Philostratus (170-245 A.D.) and it involved no eye-witness accounts.
  • The story of Jesus was recorded during the lifetime of the eyewitnesses of Jesus, only 30 or more years from His death. Philostratus wrote of Apollonius 150-200 years after his supposed death.
  • The gospels of Jesus were already recorded and being circulated before Philostratus was even born, so one cannot say that the story of Jesus was a spin off of Apollonius. You could however, argue that Apollonius was a spin off of the story of Jesus.
  • There were prophecies of Jesus, but there were none of Apollonius.
  • Philostratus did not personally decide to write about Apollonius. He was commissioned to write a biography on Apollonius by the empress whom at the time was building a temple for Apollonius. Philostratus had no personal conviction towards Apollonius other that the fact it was his job to write of him.


Now that you know the facts, it is evident that Jesus was not a rip off of the legend of Apollonius.


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